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🧠 Reflecting on a Year of Algorithmic Journey - What I have Learned

In the world of coding, algorithms and data structures have always been a mysterious realm. Why should one be grilled on solving puzzles during job interviews? Is it truly as vital as they say?

As I embarked on my coding journey, I couldn't grasp the significance of algorithms and data structures at first. But the persistent buzz around their importance pushed me to dive headfirst into the world of algorithmic problem-solving. For the past year, I've dedicated myself to mastering this art.

My Leetcode Journey

  • Daily encounters with Leetcode daily challenge.
  • Weekly participation in Leetcode contest.


Sharing Progress on GitHub

Since September 2022, I've been diligently committing my Leetcode solutions to GitHub, thanks to the convenience of LeetHub



The Eye-Opener

I'm still not good at algorithms, but over this past year, I've come to a profound realization. Some problems simply cannot be cracked efficiently without choosing the right algorithm or data structure, no matter how much time you throw at them.

Consequently, having a deep understanding of the right algorithms and data structures for various problems can prove to be an invaluable asset.

Unveiling True Significance

In the past, my attention was fixated on mastering techniques for solving algorithmic problems – dynamic programming, binary search, backtracking, and more. These skills, however, are nothing more than tools in the arsenal for problem-solving. The crux of the matter lies in cultivating the mindset capable of efficiently tackling problems through a plethora of techniques.

With this newfound understanding, I'm committed to delving deeper into the realm of algorithms and data structures, all while expanding my knowledge of the right tools for the job.